Kidnap victim dissuades contractors from sending workers to Sulu PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 July 2017 16:32


A kidnap victim has advised contractors not to bring construction workers to Sulu because of the risk of exposing the latter to the strong probabilty of being kidnapped.

Jenly Miranda, a construction worker who escaped from the Abu Sayyaf group last Sunday, vowed not to go to Sulu anymore to work in construction projects.

Miranda was part of a subcontracting team hired by contractors to paint buildings in Sulu such as schools and mosques.

He said that kidnappers might have been targeting the owner of the subcontracting firm but decided to take them instead to collect ransom using the workers.

Meanwhile, Miranda cites his early training in survival coupled with a fierce determination to see his family as the keys to his escape from the Abu Sayyaf last Sunday.

Miranda said that his training in Karate and knot tying during his early elementary years helped him escape from the Abu Sayyaf.

Miranda jumped from a cliff  with his hands bound while the group of abductors and their victims were headed towards the Abu Sayyaf camp in Patikul.

Although he felt pain in his right foot, commonly experienced by some during karate training, MIranda kept on running towards a military camp.

He said that his training in rope tying helped him in untying his hands during his escape.

Miranda however said that what really pushed him to flee from his captors was his strong desire to see and be with his family.

He said that his focus to be with his family led him to jump off the high cliff and run for his life.  (Liza Jocson)