60 Zanorte barangays declared drug-free Print
Thursday, 20 July 2017 16:35

A total of sixty (60) Barangays in Zamboanga Del Norte after assessment and validation conducted by the Regional Oversight Committee were issued a certification as declared Drug Free Barangays during the Ceremonial Declaration of Drug Cleared and Drug Free Barangays held at Zamboanga Del Norte Sports and Convention Complex, Dipolog City on July 19, 2017.

The sixty (60) Barangays were given the certificate as Drug Free Barangays by member of the Regional Oversight Committee under the Chairmanship of PDEA 9 Regional Director Lyndon P Aspacio.

The Cities and Municipalities with corresponding Barangays who were declared as Drug Free are as follows: Dapitan City (6), Dipolog City (5), Baliguian Municipality (1), Godod (2), Gutalac (2), Jose Dalman (2), Kalawit (2), Katipunan (1), La Libertad (2), Labason (2), Leon Postigo (2), Liloy (2), Manukan (2), Mutia (3), Pinan (2), Polanco (4), Pres. Ma.Roxas (8), Rizal (2), Salug (2), Sergio Osmena (1), Siayan (2), Sibuco (2), Sibutad (2), Sindangan (2), Siocon (2), Sirawai (1) and Tampilisan (2).

The members of the Regional Oversight Committee who graced the Ceremonial Declaration are LYNDON P ASPACIO, Regional Director, PDEA 9 as Chairperson; PAIZAL O ABUTAZIL, CESO III, Regional Director, DILG 9 as Vice-Chairperson, PCSUPT BILLY B BELTRAN, Regional Director, PRO9, ARISTIDES C TAN, CESO III, Regional Director, DOH 9 and Gov. ROBERTO Y UY, of Zamboanga Del Norte, as Committee members.

The sixty (60) Barangays were declared as drug cleared after meeting the following parameters: absences of drug pusher, drug user/dependent, protector/coddler and financier, active involvement of barangay officials in anti-drug activities and active involvement of SK to help maintain the drug-liberated status of the barangay.

PCSUPT BILLY B BELTRAN, PRO9 Regional Director, said that with the declaration of additional 60 Barangays being declared as Drug Cleared and Drug Free in Zamboanga Del Norte, he is optimistic that the Local Police and the Local Government Unit in the entire region would double its efforts to meet all the required parameters in declaring “Drug Clearing Status” of the drug affected Barangays in their respective localities.(PR)