ZCWD: Strong water supply in west coast next week Print
Monday, 24 July 2017 11:30

ZCWD customers in the west coast and the central area will start to fully experience additional water supply and pressure in the coming weeks.  The 30 million liters per day (MLD) water treatment facility in Brgy. Pamucutan will reach these service areas as the 23-kilometer distribution pipeline is in the final stages of flushing and disinfecting which will give way to its full energization.

Water service in some barangays at west coast service areas have drastically improve due to the increase in water pressure.  Disinfection works in the remaining stretch of the pipeline are currently underway as ZCWD have intensified its efforts to download water from the PrimeWater facility  in Brgy. Pamucutan.

The major physical interconnection works at the intersection of Brgy. San Roque and Suterville have been completed and the bulk of the remaining works are devoted to the disinfection of the pipelines before water from Pamucutan facility will fully serve the western and central districts of the city.

Technical Services Group head Eng’r Arnulfo Alfonso disclosed that disinfection might entail more time as periodic checks by ZCWD chemists is intensified to ensure that the water passes all the parameters of the Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water (PNSDW) standards.

On the other hand Eng’r Teotimo Reyes Jr., head of Water Distribution disclosed water supply in the areas affected in the west coast interconnection works has been maintained as water flow from the Pasonanca Main Filtration Plants of the district continues.

While the process of downloading continues in the work area, we at the main filtration plant continue to supply water to the area, Reyes disclosed.

The downloading of Prime water once completed will help ensure high water pressure in west coast barangays and will allow water traditionally fed to the area be diverted areas in the east coast service area to improve water supply.

Engineers from ZCWD and contractor ESTI are estimating work completion by next week. ( ED Banos ZCWD CREAS)