Why police station 6 has no 'drug-free' barangay Print
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 16:08

Police Station 6, the station with P60-million worth of illegal drugs confiscated during a single operation, failed to declare even one of the barangays under its area of jurisdiction as drug free.

Zamboanga City Police Station Spokesperson Chief Inspector Edwin Duco said that all barangays under this particular police station are classified as urban and highly populated barangays with a serious drug problem.

Among the barangays under this police station are Tetuan, Arena Blanco, Mampang, Kasanyangan, Sta Catalina, and Buggoc where the entry and exit of drugs have been frequently reported.

The Police Station Commander reportedly tried to recommend the barangays of Arena Blanco and Mampang as drug-free but this was turned down by the PNP Intelligence group.

Duco also attributed the failure of the police station include any of its barangays to the drug-free list to a lack of cooperation among barangay leaders.

“Around 60 to 80 percent of the success in declaring a barangay as drug-free depends on the barangay,” said Duco, stressing the role of barangays in clearing the area of drugs.

Duco said that the barangay should heed the recommendation of police on clustering to regulate the entry of personalities to the barangay.

Most were surprised on the failure of Police Station 6 to include any barangay in the drug-free list.

It will be recalled that the police station recently confiscated at least P60-million worth of illegal drugs during a single operation after it nabbed a drug pusher during a buy-bust operation in barangay Tetuan last month.

Duco said that the declaration of any barangay as ‘drug-free’ follows a set of parameters and the approval of the City Intelligence Branch.  (Liza Jocson)