ZCPO declares 20 barangays drug-free Print
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 16:10


The Zamboanga City Police Office has declared 20 barangays in the city of Zamboanga drug-free based on parameters followed by the Philippine National Police.

ZCPO Spokesperson Chief Insp Edwin Duco identified the following as follows:  Under Police Station 1- Taguiti and Tigbalabag, 2- Lubigan and Panubigan, 3- Lamisahan and Tolosa, 4- Pangapuyan and Lanzones, 5- Lumbangan and Lumayang, 7- Dulian and Capisan, 8- Sinunuc and Malagutay, 9- Baluno and Pamucutan, 10- Limpapa and Patalon, 11- Zone 1 and 2.

All police stations have at least two drug-free barangays except Police Station 6.

Duco said that the drug free barangays were identified based on a quota of at least two villages given by the PNP hierarchy.

The declaration followed a set of parameters divided into three phases: the pre-operational, operational and post operational stages.

The most important among the parameters is to secure a certification from the City Intelligence Branch that a certain barangay has complied with the given parameters.The Intelligence Branch is responsible for a validated watchlist of suspected drug personalities and determination of barangay affectation.

Duco said that a certain barangay declared as drug -free does not mean that there have been no users and pushers within the area. Duco however said that the applicant, or the Police Station Commander applying for the classification, should be able to explain the whereabouts of identified drug pushers and users.

Some of those in the watchlist have either surrendered, sought rehabilitation or even left the area, thus complying with the given parameters.

“Every name listed in the watchlist, high value target.. the applicant should account for those names.  If they can’t explain one by one, backed up by documents, then no,” explained Duco.

The identification and declaration of a barangay is said to be difficult since the existence of just one drug user would make the area “slightly affected.”

The police station commander should make his application backed by certifications from the barangay, health and education offices.

Among parameters in the pre-operational phase include the following: the creation of the Barangay Anti Drug Abuse Council (BADAC,) Committees on Advocacy and Operation, the Barangay Auxilliary team, and submission of the minutes of the meeting and after activity reports, mapping out of house clusters, and submission of the list of cluster leaders.

The operational phase includes the submission of spot reports, surrenderer processing, activity reports on intervention, advocacy and preventive programs and information drives.

The post operational phase includes an after activity of sustainable support, after activity on continuing lectures on processing and rehabilitation.  (Liza Jocson)