Two Urban Barangays strong contender in drug-free list PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 July 2017 12:00

Two out of 20 barangays being considered by the local police to be declared as drug-free are located in the urban area.

Zamboanga City Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Edwin Duco identified the barangays as Zones I and II, two villages located in the heart of town.

The two villages plus 18 others located in rural areas  were identified in the list currently being considered by authorities as drug-free.

The barangays located in rural areas are the following:  Taguiti, Tikbalabag, Lubigan, Tanubigan, Lamisahan, Tolosa, Pangapuyan, Lanzones, Lumbangan, Lumayang, Dulian, Capisan, Sinunuc, Malagutay, Baluno, Pamucutan, Limpapa and Patalon.

Duco attributed the inclusion of barangay Zone I and II among villages being considered as drug-free to the strong cooperation between the police and the barangay.

The barangay has created its own council which is very active in identifying suspected drug personality.

Furthermore, the barangay has also allocated funding for the anti-drug campaign.

Zones I and II are among 20 barangays that are being considered by the PNP as drug-free.

The list is currently undergoing  a stringent assessment process to determined if the barangays have indeed passed the parameters as part of the declaration.