1 hurt, 2 escape San Jose gun attack Print
Friday, 28 July 2017 12:08

A 21-year old man was wounded while his father and brother escaped unhurt after a gunman rained their house with bullets in San Jose Gusu last Wednesday night.

A Zamboanga Police Office report identified the victim as Joel Dugong Dela Cruz, single.

Initial investigation showed that the three men were watching television inside their home at around 10:30pm when they heard successive gunshots from outside their residence.

After several minutes, Joel saw blood on his hand and leg, prompting him to think that he was hit by bullets.

Joel’s father and brother tried to look for the assailant but he was nowhere to be found.  Joel meanwhile was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Police recovered four spent shells of a .45 caliber pistol at the crime scene.

Policemen are still investigating the incident to identify the perpetrator and the motive behind the incident.   (Dan Toribio)