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Sunday, 30 July 2017 13:55




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it…” (Psalm 24:1, the Holy Bible).


CAN A GOV’T OFFICIAL BE HELD LIABLE FOR A PRIVATE FACEBOOK POST? Can a government official separate her private life from her official status? This is the question that is now dodging lady lawyer Mandy Anderson, the chief of staff of Commissioner Nick Faeldon of the Bureau of Customs, after she called House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez Jr. an “imbecile” in a private Facebook post.

Anderson claimed her post followed a public announcement by Alvarez that he and the House will dissolve the Court of Appeals, after the appellate court ordered the release of six officials of the Ilocos Norte government who were ordered detained by the House earlier.

For whatever it is worth, here is what Section 4 ( c ) of Republic Act 6713 (or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Government Officials and Employees) provides:  “Every public official and employee shall…  at all times respect the rights of others, and shall refrain from doing acts contrary to law, good morals, good customs, public policy, public order, public safety and public interest…”


THE WISE AND THE FOOLS WHEN RAINS AND FLOODS COME: In its headline story for its July 28, 2017 issue, the Manila Bulletin warned Filipinos to “Brace for more floods”, in accordance with a warning from PAGASA (or the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) that more monsoon rains are expected to dump heavy rainwater in the next several hours.

I would like to raise two things about this headline. The first is that, warnings of rains, floods, and strong winds coming to destroy and kill are no longer new. They have been issued some 2017 years ago yet, by Jesus, our God and Savior. His warnings could be read at Matthew 7:24-27 of the Bible.

Jesus said rains, floods, and strong winds will surely come, and there will only be two kinds of people that will experience them. The wise, who will be unharmed by these calamities, and the fools, who will suffer “great crash”. Who are the wise? Who are the fools? I guess it should be time for all of us to be interested in reading the Bible to know the difference.


MANILA BAY CLEAN-UP PROJECTS: USELESS ENDEAVORS: I am sure many socio-charitable and civic organizations would, once again, scramble on top of one another in rushing to the Manila Bay to clean up the tons and tons of garbage that got swept towards Roxas Blvd. in the aftermath of Typhoon Gorio and the strong monsoon rains. It would, of course, be an opportunity for them to show their “care and concern” once again for the enviroment.

But this trooping to the Manila Bay and other bodies of water after every storm to effect a clean-up of the garbage that got deposited to them is to me a thoroughly useless annual exercise. It is not really giving anything good or substantial to our people. Otherwise, if Filipinos managed to learn from the display of civic consciousness of these organizations, they would no longer be throwing their garbage in waterways, right?

I strongly suggest that, if anyone wants to truly do something great for our people, let us discard cosmetic actions like the Manila Bay clean-up. Ridding Manila Bay of garbage is an impossible task, since people will always throw their garbage in it. We should instead try to change the minds and hearts of our countryment, by teaching them about God and how He wanted all of us to care for our enviroment.


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