Council tackles use of meters for trikes PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 31 July 2017 13:50



The City Council has considered mandating the use of meters by tricycle units in the city as a way to solve overcharging problems by drivers.

The issue was tackled last Tuesday after a Computer Engineering student presented an invention of his, a tricycle meter that will reflect both distance and fare in tricycle units.

Officials concerned with providing solutions to the overcharging problem welcome the invention.

Arturo Cabidog Jr., Tricycle Adjudication Board (TAB) member expressed his willingness to agree with whatever measure is approved by the City Council to be included in the present Tricycle Ordinance.

Cabidog however expressed doubts on possible tampering of the meter and its applicability for numerous passengers.

“Si hace ordinance incluido ya el tecnolohiya and let this now be the present tricycle ordinance,” Cabidog said.

For his part, Councilor Jimmy Villaflores sees the proposal as solving both the overcharging and colorum problems.

“This approach can hit two birds with one stone.  Man eliminate tu purpyahan driver y passenger, overcharging y Segundo Mira tu conel colorum because only legitimate holders of franchise metro tiene noway metro automatic cuhi  tu conele,”  Villaflores said. (RGAAGo)