City Legal wants to hear from Freemont Print
Tuesday, 01 August 2017 17:17


“We hope to hear from Freemont.”

Thus said City Legal Officer (Ret.) Judge Jesus Carbon amid an ongoing legal crisis surrounding a city hall order for known food chain outlet Jollibee to vacate a portion of the space at the Zamboanga Puericulture Center.

During the regular press briefing of City Hall yesterday, Carbon said that they are also waiting for Zamboanga Puericulture President Dr Rodel Agbulos to enforce the city government order for Freemont Foods’ Jollibee outlet to vacate the property.

Freemont has maintained its silence ever since the issue on the reported order of City Hall for Jollibee to vacate the property was reported by media.

Carbon said that the fast food outlet is operating under a temporary permit.

“We have to face the issue squarely.  The contract of lease is really null and void.  This is an issue which we try to solve but as if there is no solution here except to cancel the contract and account for the money received under the contract,”  Carbon stressed.

Carbon also said that the city government was never informed about the contract of lease.  The city was completely shut out of the contract when it is supposed to be the administrator of the property,  Carbon said.  (RGAAGo)