Trike driver's son invents fare meter Print
Wednesday, 02 August 2017 16:20

The son of a tricycle driver might just hold the key to solve perennial overcharging problems in the streets of Zamboanga.

Florentino Aguilar Jr., a 21-year old BS Computer Engineering student of the Western Mindanao University, has invented a tricycle distance reader and fare meter.

The gadget was presented before members of the City Council during a dialogue in last week’s regular session.

The tricycle meter has a flag down rate of P20 and has the ability to compute for distance through a mechanical process.

“When the tricycle is stationary, hende core el metro,” Aguilar Jr explained.

Florentino’s father, Aguilar Sr., expressed concern that the meter might lessen his take home pay as passengers will pay the drivers the fixed rate as reflected in the meter.

Aguilar Jr however said that he invented the meter because of his direct exposure to the problem.  It was also submitted as  a requirement under his Computer Engineering course.

Aguilar Jr said that he used P6,000 of his own money to come up with the project.  He ordered some of the materials on line as such cannot be purchased in the city.

He however expressed readiness to produce the gadget on a mass scale basis should the city council decide to adopt it for the use of tricycle drivers. (RGAAGo)