Council asks for transfer of 128 detainees to Manila Print
Wednesday, 02 August 2017 16:22


The City Council of Zamboanga city has asked for the transfer of more than 100 inmates who are currently considered as high level security risk to the city.

The 128 high risk inmates are composed of 63 members of the Abu Sayyaf, 57 prisoners from organized crime groups, 6 members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a member of the Moro National Liberation Front, and a high profile detainee.

Councilor Miguel Alavar, author of the resolution, said that

several resolutions for the transfer of inmates have been proposed in the past.

Alavar however said that his resolution may be timely since Zamboanga Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco currently sits as Regional Peace and Order Chairperson.

Alavar cited the numerous jail breaks in the region as basis for his proposed resolution.

He also said that Zamboanga city is vulnerable for possible attacks to rescue the inmates considering its coastal location.

Several measures have been implemented in the past to address a possible jailbreak at the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center.

In the year 2015, a jail break attempt had been thwarted by jail authorities to rescue around 50 Abu Sayyaf inmates in the facility.

Detention facilities at the San Ramon Penal Farm had been rejected by the DILG after it was found unsuitable to house the high risk inmates.

At present, plans are underway to transfer the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center out of the town proper.  (RGAAGo)