Bulgarian charged with drug possession, falsification, fraud PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 August 2017 12:12


The Philippine Coast Guard in Zamboanga has filed charges of drug possession, electronic fraud and falsification of public documents against Konstantine Simeone Kavrakov, the Bulgarian national taken into custody at the Zamboanga local port last Wednesday.

Coast Guard Western Mindanao Commander Ronnie Gil Gavan said that the charges, which were filed at the Department of Justice Prosecutors Office Friday afternoon, are non-bailable.

Authorities reportedly found a sachet of shabu inside the bag owned by Kavrakov during an investigation last Thursday.  The suspect however denies owning the contraband.

Meanwhile, Gavan said that the driver’s license found in the possession of Kavrakov is fake, thus prompting authorities to file Falsification of Public Documents charges.  Authorities are still investigating the authenticity of the Voter’s ID and the GSIS card found in Kavrakov’s possession.

Gavan also said that they have found enough evidence to warrant the filing of Electronic Fraud charges against the suspect.

Authorities found a card swiping machine and numerous cards in Kavrakov’s possession.

Gavan said that Kavrakov has a standing warrant of arrest issued by the Interpol for a drug-related case in the Bahamas.

Gavan said that police are still investigating information that Kavrakov was involved in hacking billionaire Bill Gates’ bank accounts.

Gavan said that the suspect was previously arrested for elecronic fraud in Quezon city but the latter jumped bail.

Kavrakov was taken into custody by the Zamboanga Coast Guard last Wednesday afternoon after trying to board a vessel bound for Tawi Tawi.

The Bulgarian national was not able to present travel documents, thus arousing the suspicion of vessel crew members who alerted the Coast Guard. (Liza Jocson)