Coast Guard vessel deployed to guard Zambo Print
Tuesday, 08 August 2017 16:20


The Philippine Coast Guard’s (PCG) multi role vessel, the BRP Malapascua, arrived in Zamboanga City last Saturday to conduct security and coastal patrols.

“One of the mandate of the PCG is maritime patrol and security. This is a multi role vessel where it can respond to any situation, day or night, bad weather it has to go out, it can also respond to search and rescue, and in the event may problema sa law enforcement, we can help and apprehend violators of law,” Commander Gary Dale C. Gimotea, Commanding Officer, BRP Malapascua said in an interview.

BRP Malapascua was already deployed to Bohol during the Asean meeting last April.

The ship was also used to form a naval blockade during the operation against the Abu Sayaff Group in Inabanga, Bohol.

The vessel was also deployed to patrol at Benham Rise.

The PCG’s new vessel  was commissioned last March and arrived from Japan after six days at sea.

The vessel is being manned by 20 crew members and five officers.

The BRP Malapascua is equipped with radar, communication and firefighting equipment.  It runs at 27knots.

According to Gimotea it is not certain how many days the vessel will stay in Zamboanga as they get their directives from the national headquarters. (RGAAGO)