Barangay, SK elections postponed; incumbents on hold-over PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 August 2017 15:22

By Dexter Yap

The House of Representatives’ super majority decided to postpone the conduct of the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections from October this year to May 2018 during a majority caucus last Monday afternoon.

With a vote of 104 against 96, majority of the legislators in the caucus decided to postpone the electoral process and allow the incumbent barangay officials to stay on hold-over capacity in their current posts.

Lobregat said that the decision in the caucus is what will most probably be the outcome of the voting when the proposal comes out on plenary since the caucus was attended by not only members of the majority but representatives of the minority in congress.

“Definitely it will be postponed.  Definitely the incumbents will have a hold over capacity.  It was very overwhelming in the House as everyone present was also very apprehensive of appointing barangay officials,”  said Zamboanga First District Congressman Celso Lobregat.

Majority of the congressmen present voted in favor of the postponement of the date of the barangay elections.

Lawmakers however were reportedly apprehensive about voting in favor of the appointment of barangay officials and settled on allowing them to continue occupying their posts on a hold over capacity.

Lobregat was one among four congressman who were asked to justify their reasons for the postponement of the barangay elections.

Legislators initially suggested four dates on when to hold the barangay elections should the proposal for its postponement pushes through.

The three dates proposed by lawmakers were May 2020, October 2018 and May 2018.

Lobregat, who proposed that barangay elections be held in October 2019, reasoned that the time is ideal since elections for local elective officials have already been held and that the period is not long enough to retain incumbent barangay officials who are occupying their posts.

Congressmen however voted to hold the barangay elections on May 2018.

“Even though we have finalized our decision in that caucus, it can still change on the floor and can be affected on the exact date of the postponement.  This issue will be discussed in the bicameral meeting with Senate members and they may also have their own version on the matter, but it’s as good as final,”  Lobregat said.  (Dexter Yap)