Dipolog officials strongly oppose all kinds of mining PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 August 2011 17:45

DIPOLOG CITY — Mayor Evelyn T. Uy has declared that she is against any mining activities in this city.
Uy said that mining activities, especially on gold, will harm the environment and endanger the health of the populace because it uses harmful substance like mercury and cyanide.

As it is known, Dipolog City has substantial mineral deposits like gold, chromite and other precious metals.
Uy explained that as long she is the mayor, she will not allow mining activities in Dipolog and will not permit it

She added that she will be a leading crusader against mining, which she said, would destroy the city’s sardines industry that is now famous worldwide.
The mayor said that many people in Dipolog benefit from the sardines industry in terms of employment. and other liveliood opportunities.

Uy also said that Dipolog City’s coastal areas are spawning grounds of many fishes used in the making of  sardines.
Dipolog City Executive Secretary Edwin Bation disclosed that  the mayor has always been telling the people that extracting gold will always be harmful because of the chemicals used that will destroy rivers and eventually the sea where the water from the river wil flow.

According to Bation, the people are always enjoying the bountry harvest of agriculture and aqua-culture in which they and their families are directly engaged.
Rep. Rosendo “ Dodoy” LabadLabad of the Second District of Zamboanga del Norte also said that he is also against in any form of mining in his district.

Labadlabad said he will actively fight against mining for the sake of the future generation.

“Mining activities destroy the environment and only few people who are greed become rich from it. — Allen Abastillas