Detainee dies from beating by cellmates Print
Thursday, 10 August 2017 14:09


A detainee who was reportedly exhibiting strange behaviour was beaten to death by five of his cellmates inside the detention cell of the Labuan Police Station last Tuesday.

Police Regional Information Officer Chief Insp Helen Galvez identified the fatality as Jose Rizalino Esperat Francisco, 55 years old and a resident of Sitio Malandi, Patalon.

Initial investigation showed that Francisco was taken to jail after allegedly going berserk inside their residence in Sitio Malandi.

While the victim was inside the detention cell, Francisco reportedly resumed his behavior and bit one of his cellmates, identified as Roel Pilipino.

The five other detainees reportedly pummeled the newcomer with blows in an attempt to subdue the latter.

Duty policeman PO2 Daisy Mar Maningo and PO1 Abraham Allian Jr. said that they tried to respond after hearing  the commotion inside the detention cell but found Francisco already unconscious.

The victim was then rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead.  (Dan Toribio)