Shoplifter caught with shabu Print
Monday, 14 August 2017 11:50

A shoplifter is facing theft and drug possession charges after being caught not only with the garments that he stole but two sachets of suspected shabu at a local department store last Saturday.

A Police Regional Office-9 report identified the suspect as Jun-jun Abdulosama, 34 years old, single and a resident of Recodo.

The suspect was held by security personnel of Shoppers’ Central and presented to police after allegedly stealing 13 T-shirts.

During a body search however, police were able to confiscate two sachets of suspected shabu which were kept inside the suspect’s underwear.

The suspect was detained at the Central Police Station while the sachets were forwarded to the 9th PNP Crime Laboratory for examination.

Police are preparing charges of theft and violation of section 11 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, RA 9165.  (Dan Toribio)