ABDUCTED OR KILLED?: Ex-rebel turned fish coop leader reported missing PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 August 2011 17:49

A former Moro National Liberation Front commander turned aquaculture farmer and peace advocate was reported missing while traveling at sea off Taluksangay last Wednesday.

Sacol Police Station commander Chief Insp. Nonito Asdai disclosed that the police were still digging deeper into the story behind Samson’s disappearance.
Asdai said that based on initial reports they received, Samson left Eleven Islands last Wednesday after informing his relatives that he was going to Taluksangay aboard a pumpboat.

However on the same date, Samson did not show up in Taluksangay prompting his relatives to report the incident to the police.
Asdai said the police started investigating the case last Thursday. Samson’s pumpboat was recovered near Layag-Layag in Talon-Talon but he was nowhere to be found.
Policemen also found some two kilos of fish aboard the pumpboat.

Follow up and search operations were in progress as of press time to find Samson.
Samson was an active MNLF commander in the early 1980s and was based in Eleven Island. He returned to the fold of the law after the MNLF led by its chairman Nur Misuari signed a peace agreement with the government on September 2, 1996.

Samson became an active member of a peace advocate group and has formed the Eleven Islands Neighborhood Association (EINA), an aquaculture  cooperative comprised of former MNLF combatants.

Recently, Samson, EINA president, and William Lim, president of Mega Fishing Corporation signed a contract agreement for growing grouper and abalone in Zamboanga City. The signing was witnessed by Andrew Plitt, Bureau Chief for Strategic Planning and Operations of the USAID/Washington D.C. — Dan Toribio Jr.