Philhealth provides benefits for newborns PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 August 2017 15:46


The Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth) regional office 9 has  provided benefits for challenging cases involving premature babies and small newborns which can be availed of by members and their dependents.

Health Secretary Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial said that the benefits are intended to provide specialized care to premature  and small newborn babies.

Ubial, who also sits as Philhealth Chairperson, signed Philhealth Circular 2017-0009 last April 25 mandating the provision of the benefits to Philhealth members.

The resolution aims to reduce infant death due to prematurity and low birth weight as the Philippines.

The premature and small newborns package ranges from P35,000 to P135,000 depending on the diagnosis of the doctor.

“Si tiene ansina caso grande el gasto del pamilya y amo se tiene kita package to address the mortality rate of these pre-term and small newborns,” Bryan Jabay, PhilHealth 9 Information Officer, said in an interview.

The office is waiting for hospitals in the region to be accredited with PhilHealth so they can offer the said Z Package.

He explained that the hospital will apply for accreditation to offer the said package, then the office will check on the hospital facility and make sure they can cater to the needs of these pre-term and small newborn, and the office in Manila will deliberate after that they can offer the package.

According to Jabay, Zamboanga City Medical Center and other hospitals in this city and the region may apply for accreditation.

In region 9, PhilHealth has more or less 1,894,231 members and some 1,831,450 dependents. Both members and their dependents are covered by PhilHealth incase they get sick. (R.G. A A. Go)