TF Avian Influenza convenes to tackle bird flu issue PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 August 2017 16:06

Upon instructions of Mayor Beng Climaco, the City’s Task Force Avian Influenza (AI) convened Tuesday afternoon to discuss measures on how to prevent and control the spread of the bird flu virus to Zamboanga.

Acting Mayor Cesar Iturralde presided the meeting together with City Veterinarian Dr. Mario Arriola where all agencies concerned presented their plan of action in the light of the outbreak of bird flu in Nueva Ecija and Pampanga.

Arriola said per surveillance and monitoring activities conducted by all Task Force AI members, Zamboanga City remains bird flu-free and that all agencies are closely collaborating and coordinating to intensify all surveillance and monitoring activities.

Information campaign is also being intensified to drum up awareness on avian influenza.

Per tests conducted on 160 samples submitted by the City Veterinarian Office, the city is negative on avian influenza. The samples were taken birds, poultry and livestock products from wetland areas in 18 identified barangays from Talisayan to Tictapul, according to Arriola. Blood sampling will also be submitted for laboratory testing this week.

Other agencies such as the Bureau of Animal Industry, the Department of Health together with the City Health Office, the Department of Agriculture among others are also conducting their own monitoring activities and preventive measures to prevent the entry of AI virus into the city.

Task Force AI is mandated by the DILG and has been in effect since 2006. It is headed by the mayor and co-chaired by the City Veterinarian and City Health Office.

Meanwhile, poultry owners are advised to immediately report to authorities of sudden or high mortality in their flock. (Sheila Covarrubias)