Council concurs with new traffic experiment scheme PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 August 2017 16:06

The City Council has approved a resolution, granting its imprimatur on an executive order that directs the execution of an experimental traffic scheme to decongest traffic along routes going to the west coast area during peak hours.

In issuing Executive Order No. BC 287-2017 last August 9, Mayor Beng Climaco noted that the flow of traffic has been affected in certain areas by the ongoing restoral works and excavation of the pipe-laying project of the Zamboanga City Water District, especially along the junctions of Baliwasan Grande-Zamboanga Labuan Road, J. Jhonston St.-Zamboanga Labuan Road, and Suterville Road-Zamboanga Labuan Road, despite the implementation of an experimental one-way traffic scheme.

The Zamboanga City Police Office saw the need to open Baliwasan Seaside as an alternate route going to the west coast during peak hours in the afternoon since vehicular traffic coming into the city proper from west coast is minimal.

Thus, the city police office through its acting director Supt. Diomarie S. Albarico per letter dated July 19, 2017 recommended for the temporary opening of Baliwasan Seaside to vehicular traffic starting 5 p.m. onwards in order to further improve traffic flow in the route going to the west coast area.

The Zamboanga City Traffic Operations Management (ZCTOM) in its meeting on Aug. 1 adopted the recommendation of the city police office, provided that vehicles of 5,000 kg. gross vehicle weight and up will not be allowed to pass thru the Baliwasan Seaside from the city proper going to the west coast.

Hence, upon the recommendation of the city police office and the ZCTOM, the mayor issued EO 287 declaring two-way street: from the junction Baliwasan Chico-Baliwasan Seaside to junction Rajah Muda Mandi-Suterville (east to west, Baliwasan Chico going to InterCo); from junction Rajah Muda Mandi-Suterville Road to junction Suterville Road-Zamboanga Labuan Road (south to north, from InterCo going to McDonald Suterville)

Schedule of implementation is from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., Mondays to Sundays, including holidays.

Exempted from this scheme are vehicles responding to emergency situations such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police/military vehicles.

On Aug. 15, the City Council passed the resolution, concurring the executive order.-(Vic Larato)