Nearly 270 people get prophylaxis vs meningo PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 August 2017 16:27

The City Health Office has given prophylaxis to 269 people who have had significant contacts with the seven-year-old boy, who died of meningococcemia last week in Bunguiao, this city.

Dr. Ivy Iturralde said among those given prophylaxis were 14 members of the boy’s family, 214 classmates, teachers and playmates, and 39 healthcare attendants like the physician, ER nurses, ambulance driver.

Early on, she said contact tracing and chemoprophylaxis were conducted to prevent transmission of meningococcemia from carrier to individuals who are susceptible to invasive disease, and prevent the disease in newly colonized or infected individuals.

She said among those having close contacts with the boy who died of meningo is now under close monitoring after manifesting fever the night before he was given prophylaxis.

However, Dr. Iturralde said that based on statistical data chances are very low for secondary infection of meningococcemia from the primary symptomatic carrier, meaning those who have had contacts with the boy have low chances of spreading the disease.

“But we are not sure who among them are/is symptomatic carrier/s. It takes a scientific study to know and determine that, which the CHO has no capability of doing,” Iturralde said.-(Vic Larato/PR)