No avian flu in City – OCVET PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 August 2017 16:28

The City remains avian flu-free, the Office of the City Veterinarian (OCVET) declared yesterday.

“As of today, the City is free from avian influenza,” City Veterinarian Dr. Mario Arriola said Wednesday morning, August 23.

Arriola reported that, following the meeting of Task Force Avian Influenza (Task Force AI) on Tuesday, strict monitoring and safety measures are in place to ensure that the City will continue to remain free from the avian flu outbreak which hit areas in Luzon.

Part of these measures is the monitoring of all 18 identified wetlands in the City, areas which are frequented by migratory birds, to be undertaken by the OCVET for the second half of 2017.

In its earlier report, Task Force AI said tests conducted on 160 samples taken from birds, poultry, and livestock products from these wetland areas were negative on avian influenza. Blood sampling will be submitted for laboratory testing this week.

Arriola likewise urged of officials of coastline barangays to closely monitor their respective areas.

“What we enjoined yesterday is to get all the support of barangay officials along the coastline to really prevent the entry of illegal products, especially from neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia where avian influenza is present,” he said.

Meanwhile, Arriola reported that the ban on the transport of live chicken, eggs, and other poultry products from Luzon has been lifted through an administrative order signed by Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol.

“We now expect birds and frozen products from Manila to be shipped to Visayas and Mindanao,” said Arriola.

These, however, will not include poultry products from the avian flu “ground zero”, quarantine and control zones in San Luis in Pampanga, and Jaen and San Isidro in Nueve Ecija.

All poultry products entering the City will be strictly monitored with the Bureau of Animal Industry committing to post quarantine officers in all major ports in the region.

Poultry owners are also advised to immediately report to authorities of sudden or high mortality in their flock.(PR)