SSS has 33 cases in court against erring employers Print
Sunday, 27 August 2017 17:14


The Social Security System (SSS) has filled 33 cases in Western Mindanao against several employers, mostly for non-remittance of SSS contributions.

Napoleon Rabanal II, SSS Western Mindanao Senior Communication Analyst said in an interview that from 2011 to present, 29 cases are at the prosecutor’s office while 33 are now in court for the Western Mindanao area. In Zamboanga City, 11 cases were filed in court while four cases are still at the prosecutor’s office.

The cases filed include non-registration of business to SSS, non-reporting of employees, and non-remittance of SSS contribution.

According to Rabanal, these are violations of the Social Security Act of 1997 as amended by RA 8282. If proven guilty, sanctions include fines and imprisonment.

“Both the employers and employees have their own responsibilities. El employers reporta el negosyo, reporta el empleyado, deduct properly the contributions, the loans, and remit it properly, and follow the programs of the SSS. Conel members importante look into your records na SSS,” Rabanal  said. (R.G. A A. Go)