Cabato: Baliwasan Chairwoman arrested alleged rapist driver PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 August 2017 17:15

Former City Councilor Jimmy Cabato, father of Baliwasan Barangay Chairman Aimie Cabato clarified the story on the arrest of Basser Hadain, a driver at the Baliwasan barangay hall, accused of raping a girl.

The elder Cabato said, his daughter, Barangay Chair Aimie Cabato, personally arrested the suspect and conducted him to the Women and Children’s Desk at Poilce Station 11 secured in handcuffs. He added that Aimie was escorted by two tanods and two other female employees, and that it was only then that the police took over.

Cabato said, the  barangay chair, upon receiving the complaint from the girl, immediately summoned Hadain and thoroughly investigated him. Finding probable cause, the young Cabato lost no time in deciding to turn him over to the police.

Cabato added that Aimee made it clear to all employees of the Baliwasan barangay government, “No, I am one official who will never countenance offenses of my subordinates.”

The veteran Councilor and patriarch of the Cabato clan in Baliwasan explained that Basser Hadain was supposed to be a trusted driver of Baliwasan as he has been employed as such for the last six years, inclusive of the tenure of his elder son, Boday Cabato, now a city councilor. Hadain was never involved in any woman-related controversy.

He said that it just so happened that on that fateful day, he was in the company of four tanods keeping watch over the barangay hall on standby alert for any call for assistance in the community. At about past 12:00 midnight, a call came in from somewhere in Baliwasan Seaside main road. The tanods responded, leaving the driver at the barangay hall.

It was learned that the girl, then well secured in a room pending the search for her parents, went out of the room, giving the driver the opportunity to allegedly rape her.

Cabato said he just wanted to make clear that it was his daughter who personally arrested the suspect and conducted him to the Women and Children’s Desk at police Station 11, aleady secured in handcuffs. (PR)