ZCBC awards barangays with most blood-letting activies PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 September 2017 15:25


The Zamboanga City Blood Council (ZCBC) has awarded Thursday the top 10 barangays in Zamboanga City who initiated the most number of mobile blood donation activities.

These top ten barangays were recognized because they were able to collect the highest number of units of blood from July 2016 to July 2017.

Maria Christine Lim, Zamboanga City Blood Council (ZCBC) Program Coordinator revealed the top ten barangays are; Pasonanca headed by barangay captain Epigenio Julian, Labuan headed by barangay captain Ronald Maravilla, Tulungatung headed by barangay captain Ester del Rosario, San Roque headed by Joselito Macrohon, Putik headed by Jerry Perez, Sta Maria headed by Los Elli Angeles, Manicahan headed by Crisencio Natividad, Ayala headed by Diosterides Librero, Baliwasan headed by Ma. Jaimely Czarina Cabato, and Tetuan headed by John Dalipe.

These barangays were each conferred with certificate of recognition and were formally received by the respective barangay chairmen.

Lim said, the council requested the two blood facilities; Zamboanga City Medical Center and Philippine Red Cross to submit the lists of mobile blood donations done in said barangays from July 2016 to July 2017. The council collated the data and ranked the top ten areas.

The awards were presented to formally recognize the efforts and support of these barangays in the local blood program as these exertions have greatly helped people who are in dire need of blood. The awarding activity was also made possible thru the cooperation of the Rotary Club of Zamboanga.

The local blood council stressed that part of the objective of the program is to encourage other barangays to also conduct mobile blood donation activities in their areas.

The ZCBC is being chaired by Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco by virtue of City Ordinance 336; establishing the City/Barangay Blood Councils and prescribing the rules and regulations for it effective implementation in the city of Zamboanga. The ordinance was enacted last July 24, 2008 and approved August 8 of the same year.

City Ordinance No. 336 was enacted to institutionalize the provisions of Republic Act 7719 (National Blood Services Act of 1994 otherwise known as an act promoting voluntary blood donation, provides adequate supply of safe blood and the regulation of blood supply) and also to fully implement DILG Circular no. 96-6 (mandating the integration of  the voluntary blood donation services and program into the local financial work plan and budget as an added function of the local health board in the LGU level.

Lim said, this year, only 26 out of the 98 barangays were supportive of the City Blood Council’s barangay blood donation efforts.

At present, the council is closely coordinating with ABC President Jerry Perez who has been consistently active in encouraging his fellow barangay chairmen to also conduct mobile blood donation activity in their respective barangays. (R.G. A A. Go)