City mulls upgrade of Sta. Cruz isle terminal PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 September 2017 16:34

To improve the experience and ensure comfort of visitors to the famed Sta. Cruz island, the City Government is eyeing improvements and upgrades to the current jumping-off point to the island located in Paseo del Mar.

The improvement for the Sta. Cruz jumping-off point, a small area adjacent the Centro Latino, will include the construction of a waiting area which will be able to sit all visitors headed for the Sta. Cruz island, said Architect Rodel Falcasantos.

“Through the initiative of the Mayor, and the City Administrator’s Office, the City Engineer’s Office (CEO) is now working on the design of an additional area for people to use as waiting area,” Falcasantos said on Monday, September 4, during the press briefing at City Hall.

The waiting area will also have other amenities intended for the comfort of people going to Sta. Cruz island such as shower stalls, comfort rooms, and massage areas.

Falcasantos said the plans are currently being completed by the CEO, and currently has a ballpark estimate of P3 million.

This improvement project is part of the local government’s effort to pursue continuous improvement and rehabilitation of Paseo del Mar and its amenities.

The projected budget for the rehabilitation of Paseo del Mar is around P10 million, and for this year, the programmed appropriation and obligation for capital outlay, and maintenance and operations is P7.47 million.

Meanwhile, Assistant City Administrator Cesar Raz reported initial measures to lift certain fees from certain Paseo del Mar facilities.

Raz said they are proposing to the City Council the removal of the admission fees for the dancing fountain and for the usage of comfort rooms in Paseo del Mar.

“Akel kame ta trabaja para que laya quita na ordinansa,” Raz said, adding that the following measures are still being discussed in the City Council.

Raz said that parking fee in Paseo del Mar, however, may be increased from P5 to P10 to recoup revenues which will be lost if the admission and comfort room fees are removed.

Admission fees to the dancing fountain and comfort room fees draw in approximately P103,000 in monthly revenues. (Jasmine Mohammadsali/PR)