City rushing sanitary landfill’s second cell Print
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 12:03

The Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources (OCENR) is rushing up the construction of a new cell of the sanitary landfill (SLF) facility in Barangay Salaan as the city government prepares for the full implementation of the Ordinance 176, otherwise known as The Solid Waste Management Ordinance.

Rodrigo Pagotaisidro announced at Monday’s press briefing that the present Cell No.1 of the sanitary landfill facility is almost filled up since it started operation two years ago.

He said the city is presently dumping at least 170 tons of garbage every day into the facility, but more garbage have yet to be collected in the barangay level, thus the need for the solid waste management ordinance to be implemented.

The project for the construction of the second cell is now with the City Engineer’s Office and has already been bidded out.

Under the ordinance, every household, institutional, industrial, agricultural and commercial or business establishment in the city is mandated to segregate and keep sorted wastes by observing the 2-bin or 3 or 4-bin system labeled with “biodegradable” and “non-biodegradable” (recyclable and residual wastes).

To ensure its implementation, the Barangay Ecological Solid Waste Management Committee (BESWMC) shall be created. All residual waste after resource recovery, recycling and composting must be disposed of in the SLF done either by the barangay or city collection system.

Citation tickets will be issued to violators of the ordinance and the fines would range from P200 to P300 and P5,000, depending on the type of violation.

Every household will also have to pay P50/month for solid waste collection and disposal services.-(Vic Larato/PR)