Beng: Exhaust all means for justice Print
Thursday, 07 September 2017 15:37

Mayor Beng Climaco on Monday reaffirmed her commitment to exhaust all means to attain justice for the victims of the 2013 siege stressing that the city government will defend the cause of the innocent to the very end.

“We have to be very realistic about it, but what we can assure, particularly the victims of the siege, is that the City Government will really continue to defend the cause of the innocent to the very end, up to where we can be able to exhaust all means to seek justice,” Climaco said, responding to inquiries on the slow progress of case against the MNLF accused.

City Legal Officer Jesus Carbon said that while the case is currently at a ‘standstill’, it has not been dismissed.

“The case is at a standstill because our judge there has already approved the plea-bargaining agreement with respect to 133 accused, and we moved for reconsideration and that is pending now,” Carbon said.

Carbon added that they have instructions from the City Mayor and the City Council to take this matter to higher courts.

Meanwhile, the local government remains relentless in its recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

As part of the activities commemorating the 2013 siege, the National Housing Authority (NHA) and the Local Government will turn over 433 houses on stilts to beneficiaries in Vale Vista Phase III in Kasanyangan today, September 7.

With this turnover, the City Housing and Land Management Division (HLMD) records show that only 29% of the total families occupying the transitory sites will remain. This percentage is equivalent to 1,800 families.

Other activities will also be held to commemorate the heroism of the soldiers, policemen and civilians who offered their lives to liberate Zamboanga City from the aggressors of the 2013 siege. (Jasmine Mohammadsali/PR)