4 years after Zamboanga Siege:Lobregat notes slowness in recovery of affected barangays PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 September 2017 16:19

“We are blessed with so many God-given resources in Zamboanga City and it is the reason why we continue to survive and inspite of the siege, business will continue to come to Zamboanga, its natural”, thus said Congressman Celso Lobregat.

When asked about his personal assessment on the recovery of Zamboanga City after the infamous siege of the rogue members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in Septermber 9, 2013 – the solon said that there is a visible slowness in the recovery of the affected barangays.

Inspite of the series of turn-over of permanent shelters to its beneficiaries who are Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) and are victims of the past war in the city, it still cannot be called recovery, according to Lobregat, because the recipients themselves still experiences discomfort and lack of utility services like power, water and even septic tanks for their respective homes.

“Nuay pa kaba el Z3R projects, nuay pa kaba el mgaproyekto y talyi pa el mgavictimahinde pa totalmenteconfortable, but inspite of the so many problems, we continue to sustain,” Lobregat said.

The solon said that the local government has to do a lot of things double time and with sense of urgency in order to fully recover from the wrath of rebellion four years ago.

“Zamboanga Siege has taught a lesson not only to the public officials, but to the entire city as well, we must stand united, and believe in each other and not to malign others who are doing good deeds and intentions for the city,” Lobregat said.

“El demiyomensaje, comocongresista, ya dale comigopoder el mgavivientes para servi, ta hacekitatodo-todoposible para llevadesarollona ciudad, para solve mgagrandeproblema, unoyaaqui el problemadel traffic dondesita miraustedesmgaproyekto de aton, como el Zamboanga city-Labuan road y Baliwasan seaside road, ejemplo del mejoramiento para aploja el problema de trapico, concretosolusyon y gendeboca-bocalang,’ Lobregat said.

Congressman Lobregat said that Zamboanga City is lucky to have so much infrastructure funds from the national government which is now being implemented and identified by the DPWH.

As the chairman of the Committee on Public Works and Highways in Congress, Lobregat continue to find concrete solutions and resources from the national government for Zamboanga city to progress. – Dexter Yap