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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 17:43


The City Health Office (CHO) has bared that more individuals are practicing Family Planning in Zamboanga City as couples are now more open to the idea of planning the size of their family.

CHO data shows that from January to June 2017, there are 55,368 who availed the different kinds of Family Planning Methods. Family Planning Methods such as the use of pills, depo-provera, intra uterine device (IUD), condom, lactation amenorrhea method, tubal ligation, and vasectomy.

For the year 2015, the office registered a total of 50,616 individuals who practiced Family Planning and it went up to 52,878 in the year 2016.

Ma. Rosalie M. Mendoza, CHO Family Planning Program Coordinator said that it is mostly the female who uses a family planning method since there are only two choices available for men which are vasectomy and condom.

“El maga couples ara abierto ya el pensamiento with the information dissemination sabe ya sila. We do not only say man family planning…No you plan your family how am I going to raise this family?, can I afford to raise this number of children? If you cannot control yourself amo se ta entra el contraceptives,” Mendoza said.

Pills is the most used or popular method followed by depo-provera, and IUD. Of the 16 health districts, many are practicing family planning in Guiwan district, followed by Curuan district, Ayala district, and Labuan district.

According to Mendoza, they are giving information dissemination down to the barangay level and service delivery especially to 15 years old to 49 years old women since they are in reproductive age. The issues and concerns during the FP fora include counseling, the side effects of each method and other social and health issues affecting women of reproductive age.

“Libre este anda pregunta na health center, uwi na lecture, y dede ambos husband and wife will agree that one of you will practice family planning,” Mendoza said.

She said that they are also focusing on those with unmet needs meaning couples who want to practice family planning but they do not know where to go.

“Everyday must be a family planning day. It is an opportunity the moment a client will come meaning interesao kel dale chempo and bring the services outside,” Mendoza said. (R.G. A A. Go)