Mayor Climaco orders dialogue among fraternities Print
Saturday, 16 September 2017 16:03


Mayor Maria Beng Climaco has directed Sr. Supt. Neri Vincent Ignacio, acting city police director to conduct a dialogue between the different  fraternities and other warring groups of youngsters here in the city to deter escalation of hostility among them following two reported cases of rumble.

Climaco said that the city police should already intervene by inviting leaders of fraternities and other similar groups for a dialogue to prevent any further animosity or confrontation among these groups.

“I have already asked Col. Ignacio to hold a dialogue between warring fraternities. I directed him to invite their leaders for a dialogue so that we can ensure that there will be no more frat wars or rumble here in the city,” Mayor Climaco disclosed to reporters.

Just two week ago, a rumble incident occurred along Cabato Road, Tetuan, this city involving youngster who are mostly frat members were hurt. Some of them were apprehended and detained by the Tetuan Police Station after they were charged for alarming scandal.

The mayor lamented the fact that during fraternity wars not only frat members are hurt during rumble but even innocent students who are not members of any frat or group.

Climaco also appealed to fraternity leaders to advise members of their group not to engage in rumble and also to discipline their ranks especially those who are still students.

She said that she understands that many youngsters nowadays are aggressive but that is not a reason for them to look for trouble.

Climaco said that during the dialogue the police can recommend to fraternity leaders that instead of resorting to rumble or physical confrontation aggressive frat members can just engage in combat or contact sports competition.

The mayor stressed frat leaders can organize contact sports competition to foster friendship and camaraderie between and among fraternities here in the city—Jemuel E. Mojica