City implements proper screening of out of town merchants PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 18 September 2017 17:19


Mayor Beng Climaco has directed the City Licensing and Permits Office to conduct proper screening of all local and out of town merchants who intend to operate small –scale stalls during the month-long celebration of the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival in order to deter these entrepreneurs from falling prey to unscrupulous fixers.

Mayor Beng said that city would like to ensure that all out of town merchants will also be given priority to do business here during the duration of the festivity.

Both local and out of town merchants have already started to apply for their temporary business permit from the City Licensing and Permit Office since they city government will already build makeshift stalls along the R. T. Lim Boulevard.

According to Benjie Barredo, city licensing and permits officer, a big number of out of town merchants have already coordinated with his office regarding their application for the operation of small-scale stores. They coordinate with the office though mobile phones and internet.

He said that for the out of town merchants, his office is giving them confirmation text that will be used as a form of evidence that they are really the ones accredited applicants once they arrived in Zamboanga City to open-up their business stalls.

“We are doing this kind of scheme in order to ensure that only legitimate applicants will be accommodated and so there is now way for fixers to apply for and in behalf of the out of town merchants,” Barredo told reporters in interview.

Barredo explained that when these out of town merchants arrive in the city they will have to present the confirmatory text sent by the City Licensing Office confirming that they are the legitimate applicants applying for the said business here.

He stressed that as per order of Mayor Beng, only legitimate local and out of town merchants should be entertained by the office so as to prevent fixers from victimizing them.

These out of town merchants coming from different parts of the country even as far as from Luzon are bringing here native products and wares and event ornamental and fruit bearing trees which greatly attracts the Zamboangueno consumers.

Their products are much affordable compared to malls.

They also serve as one of the additional attraction for the Hermosa Festival—Jemuel E. Mojica