City issues parking, pedestrian directives for Hermosa Fest Print
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 16:34

Designated parking areas, and pedestrian exit and entry points within proximity of the Fort Pilar area have been identified to ensure security and efficient flow of traffic for the Hermosa Festival from October 1 – 12.

Per BC 294-2017 signed by Mayor Beng Climaco, parking area for all four-wheel vehicles will be at Paseo del Mar while motorcyle, tricycle, and bicycle parking will be located at Plaza del Pilar. Parking for government VIP vehicles, on the other hand, will be inside the CDRRMO compound.

Additionally, the designated parking area at Legionaire St. and Rio Hondo road after the gate of ZSCMST will be a one-side parking.

As a security measure, certain streets where major Hermosa festival activities are to be held will be off-limits to vehicle parking.

The executive order also identifies initial traffic directives, including exit and entry points of pedestrians and public conveyances, which will take effect from October 1 -12 within the Fort Pilar area.

The NS Valderrosa street will be used for the entrance of pedestrians and vehicles, while serving as the exit for four-wheel vehicles only. The Sta. Barbara road will be for the entrance of pedestrians, and the exit for motorcycles.

For public jeepneys, particularly Sta. Barbara jeepneys, there will be no loading and unloading of passengers along the vicinity of Fort Pilar. Tricycles will only be allowed to load and unload passengers in front of DSWD 9 pffice, Gen. Vicente Alvarez, and exit using Cervantes St., Claveria St., and Villalobos St., going to Pilar street.

Traffic re-routing at Fort Pilar will take place from October 1 – 12.

Aside from the traffic management measures, BC 294-2017 also directs the prohibition of backpacks, bullcaps, and hooded jackets for identified Hermosa activities as part of the stringent security measures to be adopted by the local government for the celebrations, which is expected to draw large crowds.