Construction foreman dies from drowning Print
Friday, 22 September 2017 15:35


A construction foreman drowned in a deep hole inside a  construction project site at the Baliwasan Central School last  Wednesday noon.

The fatality was identified as Robert Garcing, 33, of Bolong.

A police report disclosed that around noon time, Garcing was  seen inspecting the upper portion of the edifice that they are erecting but after several hours later his co-workers noticed his  absence. While looking for him, they spotted by him floating inside a manhole full of water which is intended for the construction of a septic tank.

The workers rushed Garcing to a private hospital but was declared dead on arrival by the physician.

Initial investigation showed that Garcing could have fell from the upper portion of the unfinished edifice and upon reaching the ground his head hit a hard object.

Police noticed an injury on the head of Garcing and his mouth  is full of bubbles..

Garcing’s remain was brought to a funeral parlor for post mortem exmaiantion. – Dan Toribio