Exhibitionist molests women in PUJ PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 September 2017 11:30

An exhibitionist was recorded on a cell phone camera by a concerned passenger of a public utility jeepney masturbating in front of female passengers on Saturday.

A concerned netizen has uploaded a video clip in the Facebook social media page cleraly showing an unidentified man masturbating while riding at the back entrance of the PUJ. The clip shows the guy suddenly opening the zipper of his short pants and put out his genitals and started playing with it.

The incident happened while the vehicle was on motion.

The netizen said that the man was staring the legs of the female passengers while he was doing this pervert act.

In the video clip, it also showed that the guy even ejaculated his sperm near the legs of a female passenger before he hurriedly jumped down from the passenger jeep and walked casually pretending nothing happened.

Accordingly, the suspect usually rides passenger jeepneys bound for Pasonanca and where he does masturbation in front of the female passengers.

Police have launched a city-wide man hunt operation to effect the arrest of the suspect.– Dan Toribio