Lamitan City aspires zero brownout PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 September 2017 11:37

The city government is now working double time for the early completion of the inter-connection  from  five mega-watt land based generators and the  installation  of high voltage transporters in key areas of the city.

Lamitan City Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay said about 90 percent of the inter-connection and installation of transformers works have  already been completed.

He said that once the works will be completed, the needed power supply for the Lamitan City and the entire commercial district  can already be attained guaranteeing a “zero brownout all day.”

Furigay issued the assurance after receiving a progress report from electrical engineers working for the  early completion of  said works.

“Works for the  completion of the  inter-connection  and installation of transformers are  about  to  be completed as reported to me by our electrical engineers,” Furigay disclosed.

The vice mayor said that an inter-connection of lines should be made with the Basilan Electric Cooperative or Baselco coupled with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) before they can be operated by the  city-owned generators.

He also said that the MoU between  the city, Baselco and  the National Power Corporation (NPC)  is now on its final stage and would be ready in the coming days for signatures.

In that MoU, the parties have to agree that the electricity generated from the four land based  generators would be sold to Baselco and   in return Baselco have to  resale  it to the Lamiteños at the same rate sold to them by Baselco.

"I ask NPC for subsidy when our land base genset will be commissioned in order that the rate of  electricity generated  from the land based generators would not be costly" Furigay explained.

At present, Lamitan City is experiencing an intermittent brown out of  3-4 hours a day due to circumstances beyond the control of Baselco.

Furigay bared that each genset can produce 1.25 MW enough to meet the short fall power supply demand of the city.

He stressed that if Lamitan City will already obtain power stability they can attract more investors for the  city. Ely Dumaboc