West Metro Medical Center holds medical symposium and expo Print
Friday, 29 September 2017 18:23

West Metro Medical Center is conducting a two-day medical symposium and expo to bring doctors and medical professionals together and provide them with medical updates at a local hotel in this city.

Ramon H. Diaz, West Metro Medical Center president and chief executive officer, said in an interview that the main objective of the program is to provide “Continuing Professional Development “ (CPD) units to medical doctors here in the city.

“Many doctors have to go to Manila, Cebu, or Davao just to get additional CPD units and so we thought of doing the symposium just here in this city and this was already done for the second time,” Diaz stressed in an interview with DZT.

Doctors will have to gather 15 CPD units per year as requirement before they renew their license. And so by actively participating with the symposium they can already obtain 10 CPD points.

Diaz said that the city have talented and experienced physicians and that is a reason why the speakers for this symposium are local doctors who are also specialis in their respectiveperiod.

“They always thought that the speakers have to come from Manila or abroad they don’t realize that we have very talented doctors in the region and we are trying to showcase them in this symposium,” he pointed out.

The local resource speakers were Dr. Norvie Jalani, Dr. Justin Elfred Lan Paber, Dr. Tatad Kalbit, Dr. Richard Mark Bella, Dr. Lowe Chiong, Dr. Manuel Espaldon Jr., Dr. April Love Malasig, Dr. Michael Abutazil, and Dr. Orlando Paber.

The theme for this year’s symposium is “Continuing Commitment to Healthcare: Overcoming Geographical Barriers.”

For the first day, topics that have been discussed during the symposium are the following: developing mutually beneficial rural urban linkages a strategic approach to the health care dynamics, HIV in the Philippines, revisiting the Hippocratic Oath in the present medical scenario, antibiotic association diarrhea and probiotics, maximizing the use of technology in patient care, efficient way to treat sinusitis naturally, delivering safe hemodialysis: machine and patient issues, kidney stone surgery: shock wave Lithotripsy, interventional radiology: image guided diagnosis and treatment of disease.

For the second day which it today the lined up topics are: cancer screening for everyday physician, silent heart attack: symptoms and risk, when to worry about low back pain, rehabilitation after stroke, detecting standard and counterfeit pharmaceutical products, digital transformation and data privacy in health care, and improving health services performance.       Department of Health (DOH) assistant secretary, Dr. Enrique Tayag graced the occasion together with Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar, and West Metro Medical Director Dr. Wilhelmina Hocson.       “DOH has supported the idea that we cannot do it alone the activity implemented by West Metro is a blessing for the DOH. This not only provide opportunity for doctors in the region to update themselves with the latest knowledge and technology in medicine but it also brings them together even for a few days,” Tayag stressed.(R.G. A A. Go)