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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 16:28

BUNAWAN, Agusan del Sur — More crocodile hunters from the Palawan Wildlife Reservation and Conservation Center (formerly Crocodile Farming Institute) have joined the hunt for two giant crocodiles who attacked a carabao and swallowed its head in Barangay New Nueva, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur last Aug. 11.

Bunawan Information Officer Jose Ramirez said that two hunters arrived here Sunday to join the hunt aside from Palawan Wildlife Specialist Ronnie Somiller who arrived last Aug. 13.

Ramirez said the nearly one inch in diameter steel cables, used supposedly to catch the two giant crocodiles, were found cut Monday night as the hunt go full blast here.

“The steel cables set up in baiting the giant crocodiles were cut maybe by the strong crocodile bites that’s why the hunters from Palawan will set up another one tonight (Tuesday),” Ramirez said.

Ramirez said the local government unit of Bunawan had to hire the Palawan experts after the recent attack of the giant crocodiles in the swampy area of Barangay New Nueva situated along the huge Agusan Marsh already posed danger to the residents in the area.

“After they catch the crocodiles, we will set up a sanctuary for them in Sitio Masapa away from populated areas so as not to endanger the lives of the people especially the children,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez said that the crocodile experts from Palawan reported to Bunawan Mayor Edwin Elorde estimating that the crocodiles had a length of about 20 to 26 feet long, the biggest they have seen so far.

NBN TV Agusan del Sur and government owned DXDA radio station reporter William Yu Andres went to the area of incident last Aug. 11 right after the crocodiles attacked a carabao and swallowed its head.

Andres told PNA that he and his TV crew personally saw the huge crocodiles swimming in the swampy area.
“After reports reached us that crocodiles attacked anew this time not humans but a carabao, we immediately proceeded to the area to get the report fresh from the scene and there we even saw the huge crocodiles swimming in the swamp near populated New Nueva Era barangay,” Andres said.
Andres estimated the length of the crocodiles he saw were about 16 to 21 feet long.

Andres suspected that said crocodiles maybe responsible in attacking and beheading a 10-year-old girl in the 2009 crocodile attack in Lake Mahaba also in Bunawan.
At dawn last Aug. 11, two crocodiles believed to be male and female attacked the carabao being pastured near the swamp in Barangay New Nueva.
The owner, farmer Jabbar Jafar, discovered his carabao already headless.

Eyewitnesses, mostly farmers who wake up early to also pasture their carabaos, reportedly saw how the crocodiles attacked saying, “the attacking crocs as if very hungry feasted on the head.”

The crocodiles left after noticing the farmers slowly coming to their direction.
“It was huge that Barangay New Nueva residents requested Mayor Elorde to catch the crocodiles because of the danger it posed to them especially the school children,” Andres said.