Lamitan City to put up soon an Animal Bite Treatment Center Print
Saturday, 30 September 2017 14:22


In a bid to further upgrade its anti-rabies council, the City of Lamitan will already establish an Animal Bite Treatment Center next month, Vice Mayor Roderick H. Furigay announced the other day

Vice Mayor Furirigay disclosed that she has sent health and medical personnel from the city government to Manila to attend further trainings on treatment of animal bites and other related cases in preparation for the opening of the said animal bite center.

“Dr. Ann Marie Abujen Rural Health Physician and Nurse Patrick Furigay will undergo a three-day training on treatment of animal bites in Research Institution on Tropical Medicines in Manila on October 9 to 11, 2017,” Furigay told DZT in an interview.

The vice mayor said that once their training will be completed the city will already put up Animal Bite Treatment Center in the downtown area.

According to Dr. Abujen, currently the city has no Animal Bite Treatment Center and so all patients who are bitten by animals could not be treated in Lamitan City and would still be send to Basilan General Hospital.

“What we have here in the City Health Office is only  vaccines for the patients bitten by animals. We brought the bitten victims with the vaccines in Basilan General Hospital” Abujen said.--- (Allen Abastillas)