Formal charges filed against cop for last Tuesday’s daring gun attack Print
Sunday, 01 October 2017 18:02

The policeman who is accused of last Tuesday’s shooting and killing of a colleague including the shooting and wounding of two others was already brought to the City Prosecutor’s Office for an inquest proceeding on charges of murder and two counts of frustrated murder last Friday afternoon.

According to the investigators of Police Station 11 who are handling the case, they already filed one count of murder and two counts of frustrated murder against PO2 Sibangsa Aming Sadjail at the City Prosecutor’s Office last Friday at 4:30 p.m.

Atty. Alfredo Jimenez, Jr., associate city prosecutor subscribed the documents.

Sadjail is now charged for murder and frustrated murder after he was positively identified by witnesses as the alleged gunman who shot SPO4 Abdurahman Estino and SPO2 Abdulmunir Estino and where a security guard Leo Calago was also hit by stray bullet in a motorcycle store along Nunez Extension last Tuesday afetrnoon.

Abdurahman died on the spot while the two others were taken to the hospital and are now recovering from gunshot wounds.

Sadjail is currently detained at the Police Station 11 pending the hearing of his cases in court.

However, Sadjail availed the 15-day waiver for further preliminary investiigation and has agreed to be under the custody of the Police Station 11 pending the resolution from the prosecutor which was assisted by Atty. Katrina Angela Fernandez of the Public Attorney’s Office. – Dan Toribio