Jailbreak in Ayala Police Station: Three detainees escape PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 October 2017 16:53


Three detainees, two of them facing drug charges, and the other one is accused of attempted homicide, bolted from the Ayala Police Station at dawn yesterday.

Police Regional Information Officer Chief Insp. Helen Galvez identified the escapees as Eddie Jalalan Salazar, Edric Juaton Sapayla, both facing drug charges and Ernard Villamor Raveche who is charged for attempted homicide.

The three detainees managed to escape from their detention at around 1 a.m. Sunday by passing through the ventilation window.

A police report disclosed that PO2 Bernardo Mariano, the duty policeman during the jailbreak, that while he was conducting rounds inside the compound of the police station at around 1 a.m. he passed by the detention cell when one of the detainees informed him that his co- detainees have escaped from the detention cell.

During the ocular inspection,  police investigators found out that the three were able to sneak out of detention cell by passing through the ventilation window.

Policemen immediately conducted hot pursuit operation and coordinated with other police stations in the west coast.

Checkpoints were also established in the possible exit points but yielded negative result as of press time yesterday.

The Ayala Police Station is under the command of Senior. Inspector Albert Alfaro, as the current officer-in-charge.—Dan Toribio