CHO posts emergency unit for Fiesta Pilar Print
Tuesday, 03 October 2017 17:09

An emergency station has been set up in Plaza del Pilar in anticipation of the flock of devotees who will be visiting Fort Pilar this fiesta season, the City Health Office (CHO) announced.

City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin Agbulos said the health emergency response unit (HERU) will be manned by medical personnel every night to attend to medical needs and other emergencies of residents, devotees, and visitors to Fort Pilar and other adjacent areas for the duration of the Hermosa Festival.

“This is now in place every night, we send a health district to Plaza del Pilar to attend to the health emergency needs of our residents who goes to Fort Pilar, and they stay there until 10 in the evening,” Agbulos said.

The HERU outpost will be operational until feast day of Nuestra Señora La Vrigen del Pilar, or Fiesta Pilar, on October 12.

Visitors to Fort Pilar are expected to swell as novena masses at the Fort Pilar shrine officially begin on October 3. From October 3 to 11, novena masses will be held at Fort Pilar every 5 PM, in addition to the holy masses held at 6 AM, 7:30 AM, and 6:30 PM.

Also beginning October 3 is the morning procession at 5 AM from the Cathedral to the Shrine. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)