Fiesta guidelines on backpacks, hoods reiterated Print
Thursday, 05 October 2017 17:44

With the Hermosa Festival in full swing, security forces urged the public anew to heed the security guidelines outlined specifically for the fiesta celebrations.

Police and military forces reiterated the provisions of executive order BC 294-2017 which prohibits the parking of motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles and the use of backpacks, bull caps, and hooded jackets in identified areas where major fiesta activities will be held from October 1 – 12.

According to security forces, these measures are part of the stringent security checks adopted by the local government for the Hermosa celebrations, which is expected to draw in large crowds, and are essential in identifying and recognizing persons of interests should untoward incidents occur.

The Hermosa Festival is picking up steam, and recently launched this week were the Zamboanga Art Exhibit at City Mall Tetuan from October 2 – 9, the Cosechas de Zamboanga at Plaza Pershing from October 3 – 27, and crowd favorite Smoke Out Zamboanga – Grilled Food Fiesta and Zamboanga Midnight Sale at RT Lim Boulevard from September 30 – October 11.

Novena masses at Fort Pilar officially began on October 3, with 5 AM procession from the Cathedral to the Shrine), 5 PM novena masses, and holy masses at 6 AM, 7:30 AM, and 6:30 PM , to be held from October 3 – 11.

Residents can look forward to major events in the coming days leading towards the culminating activity on October 11 and the official feast day on October 12.  Activities include: the Zamboanga Dancesport Competition at Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum on October 6, the ZamPex 2017 at Palacio del Sur from October 6 – 10, the Zamboanga Cheerleading Competition at Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum at October 7, the Original Chavacano Video Music Festival 2017 at Centro Latino on October 7, the Regatta de Zamboanga and Wow Sardinas Grand Boodle Fight at RT Lim on October 8, Mascota de Zamboanga at Paseo del Mar on October 8, the Parade of Lights on October 10, and the Danza La Vida Street Party on October 14 at Jardin de Maria Clara. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)