Crame inspection team rates Zambo police ‘very satisfactory’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 August 2011 16:32

A PNP inspection team from Camp Crame gave a very satisfactory rating to the City Police Office under Director Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo after different actual demonstrations by the local policemen as part of the annual general inspection yesterday.

Supt. Gerry Galvan, head of the inspection team, told newsmen that they were very impressed with what the local policemen showed in responding to events such hostage taking, planting of bomb and many others.

Galvan said the local police have improved their performance compared in last year’s inspection.
Among the demonstrations, Galvan appreciated most the local police in responding a bomb call scenario where bomb experts safely detonated a suspected bomb without damage to  properties and lives of civilians.

In the scenario of responding a bomb call, bomb experts rushed to a place where a suspicious baggage was spotted.
A bomb expert wearing a special suit slowly approached the suspicious baggage and tied it using a long rope while his colleagues pulled it towards a place where there were no people.

After the suspected bomb was brought to a corner, the bomb expert in special suit took the water cannon which is used to detonate any suspicious baggage, and placed beside it.

After the place was cleared, the water cannon was fired hitting the suspicious baggage.
The purpose of the water cannon is to detonate any suspicious baggage. The water is to prevent ingnition of fire if the suspected baggage is a bomb.

Galvan described the local bomb experts as the best bomb squad team in Mindanao.

After the local police was praised by the inspection team, De Ocampo assured the public that they will do their best in serving the people especially in responding to any emergency call. — Dan Toribio Jr.