CPOC cites need to upgrade police skills on anti-drugs war PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 October 2017 16:57

Members of the City Peace and Order Council (CPOC) recently cited an urgent need to upgrade the knowledge, skills and capability of the police and other law enforcement agencies in the implementation of the war on illegal drugs in Zamboanga City.

This developed following observation that a number of cases filed in court against suspected drug personalities had been dismissed due to technicalities committed by law enforcers in the conduct of anti-drug operations.

Sr. Supt. Neri Vincent Ignacio, officer-in-charge of the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO), reported during the CPOC meeting Tuesday that Zamboanga City is No.1 throughout the region in terms of the number of drug personalities arrested and cases filed in court.

“Definitely, we are faring so much in the war on drugs,” Supt. Ignacio said even as he lamented the dismissal of drug cases “due to technicalities and other concerns with the prosecutor.”

Nevertheless, he said some police officers underwent last week a training or refresher course on the legal requirements of conducting arrests and operations to prevent dismissal of cases. Series of similar trainings will be conducted next month.

For his part, City Prosecutor Ricardo Cabaron strongly suggested that such kind of training and refresher course for the law enforcers must continue, and his office is supportive of it by sending prosecutors as one of the resource persons.

“If your operatives in the fields are not updated, not well-versed on the changing rulings of the Supreme Court, we might encounter again in the future some technicalities in the enforcement of the war on drugs,” Fiscal Cabaron said, addressing the police officials at the CPOC meeting.

He emphasized that “our anti-drug operatives must be legally updated because the Supreme Court keeps on evolving its rulings.” “So, we have to update and upgrade you.”-(Vic Larato)