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Saturday, 07 October 2017 12:52



WE cannot deny that the world today is evolving very fast and is creating a more complicated one, generating multi-dimensional and multi-level aspects that are increasingly challenging our capacities.

I, for one, as a priest have to cope now with so many multiplying things that require and sometimes overwhelm all my faculties—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. I now have to contend with so many distractions and so much clutter and chaos around. We are pressured to go into what is now called as multi-tasking and into some kind of interdisciplinary approach to things. It’s not anymore linear thinking.

I, for example, get fascinated by the new things that are appearing—new pieces of information, access to different journals, newspapers, magazines, new apps and digital programs, etc. The world seems to be widening and yet is also getting closer. It is so inviting and tempting, and yet if we are not properly equipped, we can really get lost.

The question of how to live order in this kind of world now comes to the fore. I have asked some of my friends their views about this issue, and they have responded with helpful ideas. I’m thankful to them. Some have given me common-sensical tips. Others have provided some scientific studies.

What comes to my mind now is that, first of all, I should be calm and react to this phenomenon with serenity. Otherwise, I cannot think properly and I would become easy prey to stray impulses.

This effort is sometimes not easy to do since one can get over-excited over something. And with that, the sense of perspective and objectivity goes haywire. It’s important that one gets a good grip on his feelings and passions.

Thus, Christ’s words that we should practice some kind of self-denial and detachment are always relevant. There’s need indeed for self-discipline and focus on what is truly necessary in life, with a clear idea of the proper priorities.

And in that regard, I would say that we should really begin and end with God. In fact, God should always be with us every step of the way. Otherwise, we get lost and can become the object of

Christ’s reproach: “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?”

I guess there’s no other way but to cultivate a deep and strong contemplative life while getting increasingly immersed in this multi-dimensional world. We should never lose our capacity to be recollected and to see God and his will in all the things that come our way.

This will require continually rectifying our intentions, seeing to it that everything is done out of love for God and for others, and not just pursuing our own self-interest. We have to learn to discern what God’s will is behind the things that come our way. Let us remember that God always has designs in every event of our life.

He’s always present, ever intervening in our lives.

This will also require practicing a kind of restraint and moderation, never letting ourselves to be overly excited and too engaged in things that can undermine our union with God. We have to really know how to deal with this constant threat.

We need to regularly pause and check how we are doing to see if we are still on the right track. And with promptness, without mercy, let’s correct ourselves when we notice we are getting astray.