Isabela City registers low cases of rape Print
Saturday, 07 October 2017 12:53

The Isabela City Police Station in Basilan has disclosed that the number of reported rape cases in their area of responsibility (AOR) is considerably low as he attributed this development to the relentless and all-out war against illegal drugs in the entire city.

According to Supt. Jerome Afuyog, chief of Isabela City Police Station, there are only seven cases of rape registered from January  up to October of this year based on the reports of the Women and Choldren Desk Office. Most of the victims (name withheld) were minors and only one is a 19-year old.

Supt. Afuyog explained that the decrease of the crime of raped can be attributed to the massive campaigned against the proliferation of illegal drugs since in most cases those who commit rape are usually under the influence of prohibited drugs.

“Because of our intensified campaign against drug pushers and drug users there are less drug related crimes happening in the city. In fact, crimes of robbery and thievery have also drastically decreased,” Afugyog told DZT in an interview.

The police chief said that as per records of the station, most of the crimes committed nowadays are domestic violence between husband and wife which can be attributed to family problems and financial problems. Other minor cases are only  physical injuries among family members and physical injuries between neighbors.

Afuyog also vowed to further intensify the campaign against illegal drugs in Isabela City--Allen Abastillas