Increase in bed capacity of ZCMC and Labuan hospital passed house committee level PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 October 2017 17:01


The House Committees on Health and Appropriations approved last week in the committee level the proposed bills of Congressman Celso Lobregat asking for the additional bed capacity of Zamboanga City Medical Center and Labuan Public Hospital respectively.

House Bill 3753 which is an act amending Republic Act 10613 by increasing the bed capacity of ZCMC from 500 to 800 beds, upgrading its general service facilities, authorizing the increase of its medical personnel and appropriating funds therefor.

Congressman Lobregat, who is at the same time the Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations in the House of Representatives said that in their series of committee hearings last week, two of the many proposed bills deliberated are his bills about ZCMC and Labuan hospitals which he said a priority to be able to continue and maximized the delivery of health services to the Zamboangeños.

Lobregat said that he would like to thank the chairmanship and the members of the two committees of health and appropriations as well for fully supporting his proposed bill recently passing the respective committees.

“Now that it is approved in the committee level, the next step will be on the  Committee on Rules then immediately the plenary. Grande chance aprova coneste el House of Resentatives before the end of the year. We’re just scheduling it for plenary,” Lobregat confidently said.

Another bill approved by the Committees on Health and Appropriations is the proposed increase in the bed capacity of the Labuan public hospital from 10 beds to a level 2 hospital.

Congressman Lobregat on February 12, this year filed House Bill 4945 which is an act amending Batas Pambansa BLG 517 by converting Labuan Public Hospital in Zamboanga City into a Level 2 General Hospital to be known as Labuan General Hospital and appropriating funds therefor.

Lobregat said that before it has passed thru the Health committee, there were questions from DOH itself about the congested location of the said hospital.

“Ya abla yo con el DOH, el sabut was whatever ongoing construction talyi na Labuan Public Hospital aura como el (2) storey building hace ya lang acava, and after that, any further expansion of the said hospital will already be in the area of the ZamboEcozone, as earlier agreed during the most recent visit of Health Secretary Pauleen Ubial in the city,” Lobregat said.

Justifying that with the rapid increase of population in the city, the existing health facility in Labuan Public Hospital, Lobregat said, which was created more than 33 years ago, is extremely inadequate to accommodate the increasing number of patients coming to the hospital daily. Furthermore, those seeking medical services that could not be catered by the Labuan Public Hospital would have to travel to Zamboanga City Medical Center, which is situated approximately 36 kilometers away and would take more than an hour ride.

“Remember ya chene se issue of consultation,  ya abla yo hinde se amo si porsigui dayun cambia na ecozone el Labuan Public Hospital without consulting the public,we called the barangay officials, and because of my urging, ya chene council resolution ya llama con el mga capitan del costa weste por el consultation, in the end, the solution was, the facilities in Labuan will continue, any future expansion will be at ecozone,  and since the law increasing the bed capacity of the said hospital in the westcoast has already been approved in the committee level, next setep na plenaryo ya ese,” Lobregat said. – Dexter Yap